Boy the things I’d like to do to this cute dumpy black BBW. She is a real pear shape huh? That big juicy donk and fat thighs have teasing my cock all morning as I prepared this post. Her in that really short skirt is the pearfect outfit to showcase her figure. It lets us see those plump meaty legs and when she leans forward BAM! that big ass is all up in your face!

fat thighs

Check out the side profile picture of her in the free gallery. Now that is a serious shelf ass… I reckon you could get the full works of Shakespeare on that haha! Lots of hot little cellulite dimples riddle that big butt too… I’ll bet that booty is soft as marshmallows!

You can see a lot more of French at Black Mama. There are also hundreds more amateur fat African-American women to see. They have girls that range from chubby all the way to super size.

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