I was thinking the other day about the first pictures that ever made me aroused as a kid. I remember as early about 9 or 10 sneaking into the school library with my friends to look at all the naked and topless African tribes women that you would see in National Geographic magazines. We would all gather around and look at their big saggy tits haha.

topless tribal girls

You have to remember this was way before we had internet porn to look at so it was this and the odd quick peek at my dads old Playboy magazines! To this day I still love looking at tribal girls and women. Their is a real voyeur aspect to it I guess.

african tribes naked

I especially like the African tribeswomen with their big hanging breasts wobbling around. A lifetime of no bras to support their boobs makes them really hang low. My friend likes to call them ‘National Geographic titties’!

nude tribe women

I recently came across a site that celebrates these sorts of pictures and videos. Called Lost Tribes they have a big collection of naked tribes women from all over the world engaged in normal day to day life as well as various rituals they do like dancing. If you like this stuff as much as I do I recommend visiting their site. Note that if you decide to join their site you get free bonus access to thousands more of their sites too!

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